Lestcol Fine art

Leo Sterrenburg creates digital photo artworks by means of self-made photos on his pc.

Below some artworks of his collection ;

a prey ?

Spinselmot rups


Clearing your head




Let's live in peace !

Black headed gulls

Save our sorts

One love ?

Sleeping ?



My hideout

Free air


Hunting heron

The Fine-art artist Leo Sterrenburg mastered the principles of digital photo editing software by selfstudy and experimentaly discovering the design possibilities of photo-art and photo collages.

Even in his early youth he was busy with paint art, only as hobby, because work had to be done to make a living and there were no financial means for a thorough education at an art academy or any other sort of art education.

Later, during wanderings on his sailing yacht, he earned his living in the ports he visited by making airbrush paintings and selling them; for instance on the boulevards in Spain. This was quite lucrative and owing to new regulations, it could not be continued. What followed was an adventures sailing life with exploring the oceans worldwide.

With the arrival of the computer era a new world of challenges, discoveries and related opportunities in photography made it possible to create art on a pc, extremely suitable for someone who lives mainly on motor- en sailing yachts with small workspace.

These days he creates his artworks with exclusively self-made pictures of nature and the world around him.

Do you want a personal artwork ?... specially created with photographs delivered by yourself ; ... or a design for special occasions ?.......

the contact email address is : info@lestcol.nl ------------------------->

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